About Us

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Our Vision

a culture that cares about its natural resources, feels responsible and practices sustainable daily habits to preserve water resources in the UAE.

Our Story

The Water Alliance (previously Surge) was started in 2014 in Dubai. It was borne from the vision that no one should be without safe drinking water and that those more privileged can become more mindful of their own water use.

In 2019, the organisation has re-branded to the Water Alliance in an effort to federate all sectors of society toward the goal of preserving and protecting water resources for everyone, forever.

Meet the Team

A host of volunteers are the secret to our work to educate and inspire individuals, from children to adults, to be more mindful of their water use and takes steps toward more sustainable living. Our core team works to develop new programs and secure support to grow our reach across the UAE.


Linda Merieau

Executive Director

A champion of cross-sector partnership for the greater good, Linda believes that water is the foundation for a prosperous planet for all people and that education provides the key to preserving and protecting this precious, shared resource.


Edurne Gil

Program Director

A deep curiosity and love for our planet and its diversity has led Edurne to pursue a career in Sustainability. Experienced in advocacy, awareness raising, and CSR, she appreciates collaboration as the means to achieve greater impact.

Mayada Shama

Mayada Shama

Program Coordinator

Trained as an interior designer, Mayada loves to spend her energy helping to raise new generations with sustainable minds. She is inspired to make the world a better place by her two young boys!

Next Steps...

Volunteer: Join us to help inspire the next generation to become responsible water stewards.

Sponsor: Join us to help us reach low-tuition schools with our program