Hand Washing Heroes

Enroll your company in our immersive train-the-trainer program on hand washing that inspires everyone to do our best at staying safe and protecting our future.

Take our free session every Thursday open to the Water Alliance community.

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Join the Water Alliance Association to show you care about our environment and our future. Be part of a community that takes sustainability to heart. Inspire others, learn from your peers and form new sustainable living habits that protect and preserve our planet’s precious resources. Individual members help ensure more students learn about their water footprint and in addition, are …


We believe that by working together we can build a better world. Water Alliance Association relies on its volunteers to animate school workshops and host public events that raise awareness of the global water crisis and inspire individuals to preserve and protect our natural resources. Join us now!

Give Water a Voice

At the Water Alliance Association, we are striving to give water a voice. The global water crisis is an invisible threat to humanity. We cannot survive, let alone thrive, without water. Water is needed for everything we make, buy and consume. Our water footprint is the sum of all water utilized and/or polluted in the process of manufacturing goods, providing …