Hand Washing Hero Schools – The Latest News

Accredited Hand Washing Hero Schools include:

  • Dehli Private School, Sharjah
  • English College, Dubai
  • Cambridge International Private School, Sharjah
  • New Dehli Private School, Sharjah
  • New Millenium School Al Khail, Dubai
  • Saint Mary’s Catholic School, Dubai

Over 2,200 individual Hand Washing Heroes have been trained across the Emirates and in countries as far as Japan, Australia, India and Sudan! Dozens of volunteer Heroes have heeded our call to ‘Pass it Forward’ training family and friends in far off countries. While it may seem simple, hand washing is one of the best barriers we have against COVID-19 and not enough people do it well. Furthermore, we notice that many people still leave the tap running while washing up exacerbating the global water crisis.


Featured School: GEMS New Millennium School Al Khail

It started with just one student, Manvith Lobo. Over the summer, he was trained by his friend Bhakti. She inspired him to go on and train more than 100 people, earning his Gold badge like she did. Thanks to his energy and enthusiasm, his school took notice and signed up the entire Student Council for training by Water Alliance. Under the guidance of the Head of Primary, Council members are visiting each primary school class to conduct their own trainings ensuring each student understands the importance of proper hand washing and saving water!

Featured Star Hand Washing Heroes

This month, we’re pleased to recognize the incredible efforts of several Hand Washing Heroes this month: Akshi Dadhwal  who earned a Silver badge and Abarnaa Sai.V reaching the Gold star level! 

Isha, from Kings School and one of our Student Ambassadors, was featured this month in KT Young Times with her very own Hand Washing tutorial. CHECK THIS OUT!

We’d also like to highlight another notable accomplishment. Raghav and Madhav were invited to host a virtual training session at the VIT University Alumni conference. We got to watch their fantastic presentation and were duly impressed. So nice to watch these self-assured young students marching ahead in tune with planet and people. Here is a short snippet from their training session. You’ll surely be inspired to sign up and take the full class with us so that you can pass along the important message that safe hygiene and water saving goes hand-in-hand!