Join the Water Alliance Association to show you care about our environment and our future. Be part of a community that takes sustainability to heart. Inspire others, learn from your peers and form new sustainable living habits that protect and preserve our planet’s precious resources.

Individual members help ensure more students learn about their water footprint and in addition, are motivated to make change. Members get the following benefits, as well:

  • opportunities to volunteer at our school workshops
  • receive our regular newsletter
  • invitations to attend events at member’s price
  • 10% discount on Water Alliance merchandise
  • voting rights at the annual General Assembly

All individual membership fees and donations are contributed to our ‘Leave no one behind’ Fund. This allows us to bring our signature workshop to low-income primary schools in Dubai.

Annual Membership: 200 AED
Student Membership: 50 AED
Furthermore, donations of any additional amount are welcome.

Complete the membership application form now!

Corporate sponsors can demonstrate their leadership on sustainability by supporting the Water Alliance Association. Sponsorship fees from company members will be, in part, attributed to our ‘Impact Fund‘. This funds helps address the equity gap across schools in Dubai by allowing the Water Alliance team to deliver workshops free of charge to low-tuition schools. As well, it ensures that more students are educated on responsible water use.

Water Alliance Allies: contributing any amount up to 10,000 AED

Corporate Members:
Volunteering opportunities are offered to all corporate members, thereby allowing for meaningful employee engagement on the Sustainable Development Goals.

Corporate members will be recognized on our website and social media channels, specifically in relation to the education of tomorrow’s leaders on sustainable living and the water footprint.

  • Ambassador: 10,000 AED impacts over 150 students
  • Mobilizer: 25,000 AED can reach over 300 students
  • Wave-Maker: 50,000 AED helps educate some 600 students
  • Champion: 75,000 AED can ensure over 900 students are educated

Contact us for more info on the benefits for each level of membership. Additional sponsorship benefits could include delivery of a corporate workshop on the global water crisis, understanding of the water footprint and education on the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

School membership is offered to schools that engage with the Water Alliance by hosting a primary or secondary school workshop. As a member of the Water Alliance, your school can ensure your students get the opportunity to experience and understand the world’s water challenges and their impact on our sustainable future.

Together, we can ensure that the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals are achieved by 2030. Proper use of water, its continued availability and its purity are fundamental aspects for the realization of all the Global Goals. Clean water is becoming more and more rare all across the world. It’s critical that we teach the next generation to protect and preserve water to ensure there will be enough for everyone, forever.

School members get the following benefits:

  • host a Water Alliance immersive student workshop on the global water crisis and our local water footprint to drive empathy and engage students for our sustainable future (nominal per pupil charge – ask about our Impact Fund which helps low-tuition schools access our workshops for free or at a discounted rate)
  • avail of our free ‘Blue Squad’ lessons that are perfect for after-school activities, the eco-club or sustainability leaders club to mobilize students as change agents (no charge)
  • short presentation on water and the Sustainable Development Goals for Assemblies or other special occasions (nominal charge)
  • invitation to teachers to attend our bi-annual sustainability leadership gathering to share experience (no charge)
  • up to five teachers can attend to our annual General Assembly (March) to represent the school and interact with like-minded individuals; one vote per member school on GA resolutions
  • recognition as member on the Water Alliance website
  • obtain school Certificate of Membership
  • activities conducted with Water Alliance will be featured on our social media

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