2023 Winners RE-NEW Our WORLD Challenge

Senior Category (15 – 18 years old)

1st Place Winner – UAE representative to the Stockholm Junior Water Prize:

Sinchana Hiremath – GEMS Our Own English High School, Dubai

Water issue – Plastic Pollution

Innovative solutionCeasing Microbeads Invasion: A movement for responsible consumerism in high schools to raise awareness on the detrimental effect of microbeads pollution, combined with a a novel Microbead Radar App to help detect plastic microbeads in labels of commercially available hygiene and cosmetic products.

2nd Place Winners:

Laiba Maqbool & Rhea Johnson – JSS Private School, Dubai

Water issue – Water-Food-Energy crisis

Innovative solutionENAVRA: Recycling domestic grey wastewater using a novel system coupling hydroponics for food production and algal cultivation for water treatment.

Ceasing Microbeads Invasion by Sinchana Hiremath – 1st Place Winner – Senior Category

Middle Category (12 – 14 years old)

1st Place Winner:

Aliya Nujum Navaz – Al Ain Juniors School, Abu Dhabi

Water issue – Water scarcity

Innovative solutionAqua Fire Flyze: An AI-enabled swarm of drones designed to reduce water usage during firefighting.

2nd Place Winner:

Akshita Iyer – GEMS Modern Academy, Dubai

Water issue – Water pollution

Innovative solutionTAMAM BYOB Lifestyle: Tamam Bring Your Own Box enables users to receive reward points for collecting and disposing cigarette butts to prevent marine pollution.

Aqua Fire Flyze by Aliya Nujum Navaz – First Place Winner – Middle Category

Junior Category (8 – 11 years old)

1st Place Winners:

Abdulla & Hamad saif Almazrouei – Ethen Primary School, Ras Al Khaimah

Water issue – Water scarcity

Innovative solutionWater is Matter: Repurposing traditional Kumbar rope fibers made of local palm trees to enhance irrigation water efficiency.

2nd Place Winner:

Madhav Krishna Seshadri Sumanth – Delhi Private School, Sharjah

Water issue – Water scarcity

Innovative solutionWater Economics: IoT-based data collection system that measures water usage in households, enabling cost analysis and encouraging conservation measures.

Abdulla & Hamad saif Almazrouei – First Place Winners – Junior Category