Welcome to the Blue Squad Community

The Blue Squad is a school force devoted to promoting sustainable habits. Water Alliance offers a series of toolkits for this sustainability journey having water as a common denominator.

On this page, you can access files for our first Toolkit Water for a Healthy Life

This toolkit has 3 modules:
It’s in your hands available now
Tippy Tap available now
Love Your Smile coming soon

The module contains activities about health & hygiene and its associated water use that will allow your school to assess their own good practices in this area as compared to others in the UAE.

Every module in our Toolkit will follow the same sequence with three sections:

– Let’s know more about it (your lesson)

– Let’s involve the school (student actions)

– Resources (activity instructions and to dig deeper)

Don’t forget to tag us @waterallianceuae and #bluesquadschool when you post results of your students’ work 🙂 Have Fun !

Stay tuned for the next module(s) in this toolkit and more to come! They will be followed by three more exciting toolkits: Why waste water?, Innovation and Water, Our Water Footprint.