Cory’s Adventures

Trailer Preview Produced by youth Water Ambassador, Mishal Firaz

Join the adventures of Cory and Noro as they teach us about soil biodiversity and give us a sneak peek into the world beneath our feet. We invite you into the laboratory of scientist Carl, and his sidekick Cory, the Parrot, who will present to you a bird’s eye view of effect of soil and water depletion.

Cory’s Adventures

As disaster looms in a chilling and not so distant future, Cory and his butterfly friend Noro embark on a secret and somewhat unexpected adventure to save the day. This mix of fact and fantasy will resonate with young readers and the child in each of us. Get ready to be inspired by the learning of our protaganists as they explore how the world’s precious resources keep us safe and remind us that we, in turn, should protect Mother Earth from harm.

Prepare to be overwhelmed by the one and only Cory, as he stirs your imagination, inspires a fascination for Nature and shares some awesome facts that would quench any curious mind.

An original story by the 2020 Water Alliance Student Ambassadors Team

Abarnaa, Adeena, amogha, bhakti, hridhaan, isha, ishika, manvith, mir, mishal, naisha, ninaada, and shaivi

Special thanks to: ASIF MUKADAM, kora Kutlu, Julia Johnson and
Mai Shalaby (Emirates soil museum)

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