Our Family

You are our family. We are all connected by water, our life sustaining force. Water Alliance aims to give water a voice and connect people with our sustainable future where water is plentiful, pure and freely available to all. Water is a basic human right. We need to step up our game and not allow our water resources to become more and more scarce and polluted. Let’s come together, as a family, to preserve and protect our world’s water.

Our Corporate Members

Companies have a vested interest in protecting water. It’s needed to make products we all require or desire. Therefore, we are counting on vaste support from the private sector to help us spread the word on the imperative to lessen our impact on water.

Sponsorship from our corporate members enables Water Alliance to continue its efforts to empower individuals to practice sustainable daily habits and inspire people to be more mindful of their water use. Thanks to each new member, we can grow our reach and increase our impact.

Contributions from corporate members are allocated, on an agreed basis, to our Impact Fund which allows the Water Alliance team and its volunteers to bring our enriching programs to underprivileged schools free of charge. Fill out this form to request more information or sponsor a school now!

Our School Members

Schools are educating the next generation of responsible citizens and future leaders. They play an important role in spreading good morals and Water Alliance is supporting their efforts with a locally relevant toolkit on sustainability that takes water as the foundation for all the Global Goals. Our Blue Squad materials empower young students as change agents to engender positive new steps for reducing waste and saving water across their schools. Sign up to be a school member and access this toolkit.

View our School Programs page to see all the opportunities for Water Alliance to come to your school and bring water to life!

Our Individual Members

That’s you ! We need each and every person across Dubai and the UAE to become a water champion. Join the Water Alliance Association to show that you care about our sustainable future. You’ll have opportunities to connect with others who are passionate about the environment. You can volunteer to facilitate our primary school program and help ignite the sustainability spark in young minds. You’ll be helping the Water Alliance team reach more low-tuition schools and bridge the inequity gap.

Join now by completing the online membership form.