Student Ambassador Achievements

Presenting our Student Ambassadors September 2020

We are thrilled to share with you some highlights each month from our Student Ambassador’s Program.

September 2020

Meet the new team of Student Ambassadors inducted into the Water Alliance family in September 2020. Watch this video where many of them they present themselves. Many thanks to Shaivi for compiling the fantanstic group video about their September Actions. Together we aimed to draw attention to water pollution by commemorating World Maritime Day and World River’s Day. Below is a short summary of the many things which were carried out:

This month, Manvith got the most view on his Instagram post explaining his school project about the loss of coral in our oceans. Check out his post here. Adeena is our star this month with the most posts made on Instagram. Check our her account and get informed about water pollution.

Naisha carried out Ocean Creatures Quiz during the month, made a school presentation on water pollution and wrote and illustrated a short story called Little Nyasa telling the tale of a tribal leader living on the banks of the Zui Mui River and the terrible curse which befell him for killing a piranha. Read her story for World River’s Day of how the tribe overcame the curse and pledged to protect the water. 

For World Maritime Day, Abaarna told the story of water by bringing to life a water drop named Sweety. Her aim was to remind us all not to pollute water bodies with plastic and industrial waste. Listen to her story here.

A new Instagram channel sharing the story of fast fashion and it’s impact on water was created by Hamda and Rytasha. Check our their first posts here.

Mishal and Mir are helping to give water a voice and communicate vital knowledge about the global water crisis on their new Instagram account @voicesofwater_mnm. They organized a poster campaign at school on the topic of water pollution. Check out one of their masterpieces here.

Bhakti made a wonderful video drawing attention to the newest threat to our oceans: masks and plastic gloves used to protect us from COVID-19 are now endangering our oceans and life under water! Watch her inspiring video here.

Hridaan wrote his own water pledge this month and led his class in making the commitment to protect water. You can watch a clip in our Instagram Student Ambassador Highlights and meet all our Ambassadors!

Stay tuned to this page to catch all the updates from our Student Ambassadors. October will focus on Food Waste and the associated (and senseless) Wasted Water! Being more mindful of your food choices and taking care not to waste is a simple way to help conserve the world’s water resources! Learn more about the #waterfootprint of food with our Student Ambassadors this month.

Student Ambassasors : September – December 2020

Presenting our Student Ambassadors September 2020
September 2020 Cohort
Abarnaa Sai Veeraraghavan, The Indian High School, Dubai
Adeena Asif Mukadam, Gems Cambridge International School Sharjah
Alix Laugier, Lycee Francais International Georges Pompidou, Dubai
Amoghavarsha Bhat, Dehli Private School, Sharjah
Bhakti Venkatesh Hegde, Delhi Private School, Sharjah
Hamda Hashi, The Winchester School – Jebel Ali, Dubai
Hridhaan Rajani, Global Indian International School, Dubai
Isha R  Nair, Kings School Nad Al Sheba, Dubai
Ishika Nambiar, Gems New Millennium School, Dubai
Leana Vesic, Lycee Francais International Georges Pompidou, Dubai
Manvith Lobo, Gems New Millennium School, Dubai
Mir Faraz, The Winchester School, Jebel Ali, Dubai
Mishal Faraz, The Winchester School, Jebel Ali, Dubai
Naisha Kalpavraksh, Gems New Millennium School, Dubai
Ninaada Bhat, Dehli Private School, Sharjah
Rytasha Kumardeen, The winchester school Jebel ali, Dubai
Shaivi Srivastava, Gems Founders School, Al Barsha, Dubai
Above individuals were inducted into the Student Ambassador program in September 2020.